March 11, 2018



Last Sunday, I went to a new restaurant who just launched in January this year called Bo-Lan Thai Street Kitchen located at Alam Sutera. The name itself sounds ear-catching, doesn't it? Like I could easily remember it. By the way, Bo-Lan means traditional in Thai. They serve traditional authentic Thai food, you don't need to go far to Thailand to taste their food, right? 😆 The restaurant is indeed easy to be found, not far from exit toll Alam Sutera.

March 7, 2018



Hari ini gue mau bahas tentang Richeese Factory, tempatnya kalo dari jalan Transyogi / Alternatif Cibubur itu ada di sebelah KFC dan gak jauh dari belokan menuju pintu gerbang utama Perumahan Kota Wisata. Awalnya nyobain Richeese Factory karena penasaran apakah restoran ini ada hubungannya dengan snack Richeese yang enak banget itu? Haha... Ekspektasi gue tinggi sih pas nyobain ini, karena penasaran dan menurut gue bakalan enak nih kayaknya ayam Richeese.

Pas gue dateng kesini sekitar jam 8 malam, kondisi lumayan rame tapi gak rame sampe gimana dan ada beberapa Abang Gojek yang lagi orderin Go-Food, hmmm cucok nih tempat kalo laper tengah malem tinggal Go-Food. Tempatnya luas dan parkiran juga luas jadi menurut gue sangatlah oke.

March 1, 2018



Today's post is about EatBoss located at Kelapa Gading. This place is quite easy to be found since it is located at the side of the road with big signage 'EATBOSS'. My friend was really curious about this place since it is famous for cheaper price and good food. Divided into 2 floors with glass walls, EatBoss is perfect if you want to eat decent food in budget as they offer many kinds of Indonesian and Western fusion food. 

I think one of their uniqueness is their menu. EatBoss has a lot of choices in their menu, and one of the main point is you can customize your order such as add toppings, add additional sauces, add spiciness, etc. For main dishes, they have choices from nachos, pastas, rice, steaks, chicken wings, burgers, ramen, pizza, satay, etc. For dessert, they have grilled bananas, brownies, toasts, shaved ice, etc. While for drinks, they have coffee, bubble tea, all the way to mojito!

I went there on Saturday afternoon and most of the tables were full. There are a couple of tables filled with a group of high school friends and also families.

February 27, 2018



Today's review is Mother's Cook located at Cilandak Town Square or known as Citos in South Jakarta. I always have a spot for American diner. I just love the colors, decorations, interiors, and the ambiance that make me feel like I'm in an American movie lol 😂. 

Mother's Cook, if only heard from its name, I wouldn't know that it serves American dishes. First, I honestly thought it serves homey Indonesian food - like masakan rumahan mama, something like that hahaha. I heard this place is one of the oldest restaurant in Citos and is famous for its burgers and salads.

February 25, 2018



Today's review is about a Korean bingsoo place! This week, I went to Wel Bingsoo located at Ruko Madison Square, Kota Wisata, Cibubur. It is a new restaurant specialized in Korean food and dessert (bingsoo). For those who don't know, bingsoo is  a popular dessert in East Asia (I know it from Korean dramas 😂). It is composed of ice shavings with various ingredients / toppings such as sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, jelly, cereal flakes, various fruits such as melons, strawberries, kiwi, etc and it is often topped with ice cream. People usually eat it during summer season, which is perfect because Indonesia is a tropical country that feels like summer everyday hahaha. 

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