September 24, 2010


Hey people!
Let me introduce myself first :) I'm a 14 years old student, still studying in JHS. My full name is Angela Jessyana. Most people call me Jessie, but my close friends call me Jesoy, weird name, uh? I'm a friendly person both in real life and blog life :) So feel free to comment on my posts, don't be afraid to critique too! I will really appreciate them. I'm here because I have a strong passion in fashion. Yea, I love to dress up well. Now you know what stuff I will post about, right? Hehehe yeah you are reading a fashion blog at the moment! :D


1 comment:

  1. halo! :)

    keep writing and posting jessie. remember, don't write or post just because you want people to read it. write it because u want to!

    see you again sometimes! >.<


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