October 16, 2010

I Have My Own Way

Everyone has a dream, right? I mean everyone has ever dreamt of having a much better life, hasn't they? Me too. I have a dream that most people call 'The No One Dream'.
Yeah, I know that I am a little different. Teens at my age usually dream of having a perfect boyfriend, being the 'it' girl, being the prom queen/king, etc. But, I don't really think about those things so much. I think about my future life, who will I be? Will I be a successful person? Or just the other way?
I want to make my parents feel happy and proud of having a child like me. Most people said I must stick to reality. But, I don't want to!
When I feel down, I always remember this Rabbi Hillel quote: "If not you, then who? If not now, then when?"
My life is not as perfect as others life, but, I am always grateful to God for what he has given to me.
This is me and I love being ME :)

Shirt - Graphics, Shorts - Dust, Tights - Tanty House, Scarf - Megumi, Shoes and Shoulder Bag - Online Shop, Small Bangles and Beaded Bracelet - Mirota Batik, Gel Bracelet - Naughty


  1. it's cool, but maybe, it's better if your face looks.

  2. The outfit looks gorgeous, but I agree that you should show your face as well, you're pretty so don't be shy! I'm the one who's ugly and should hide my face behind all of my clothes, haha

  3. u look so cool, the best part is ur yellow shoes, cute

  4. the yellow shoes sure do make a great statement !

    thanks for dropping by !

  5. i love the colors in this outfit!!x

  6. attractive sneakers!
    love the yellow color!
    and totally agreed on those wise words ;)

    Castor Pollux

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  8. like the shoes.. yellow and bright :)


  9. AnonymousJune 17, 2011

    your finger like an old lady. lol.

    kidding :p

    nice, keep posting :D (y)


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