December 10, 2011

Gloomy Days

I took this photo 1 year ago in my house, my rooftop. When everything was fine. I had good friends, good laugh, good times, and of course good life. Now, I move to different senior high school, I live far away from my old house, it means far away from my friends too. I wish I had time machine, I really want to go back to the past so I can smile like old times..

People judge one another so easily these days. Its always the people who know the least about you who want to judge you the most. I really feel bothered with this kind of situation. For me, people who judge others without knowing their story is such a fool.

Sometimes, I act like it doesn't matter, but you really have no idea how it kills me inside. It hurts me a lot when a person who has known me for less than a year, say something bad, not proper and not true about me. Come on, you just know my name, not my story. Walk a mile in my shoe, before you spread rumors and judge me.

People says, regrets always come at the end. Yes, they are right. I do regret about so much things these days. It seems like I always take wrong decisions. Now, I can feel every single piece of my life falls apart.
Actually, people here are all nice. I make a lot of new friends here. But still, I miss my old friends, the great times we had together. I know I shouldn't live in the past, I should face my new life now.

Have a good weekend! 

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