March 4, 2012

Indonesia Fashion Week 2012: Closing Day

Me and my sister's friends went to Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 last week, at Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center. Actually, we got invitations for Anne Avantie's show and was supposed to sit at the tribune. But it turned out that the tribune seats was opened for public. I don't know why it happened but I still enjoyed the show, though!

 By: House of Tomorrow
 Spotted Stylish:

There were 3 senior designers: Anne Avantie, Ferry Sunarto, Musa Widyatmodjo. They showed their own typical characteristic in their designs, but still, they use Indonesia's culture as their inspiration.
The collection I love the most is M by Musa. For me, Indonesia has a great prosperity in world fashion industry. We should keep embracing it by using local product which is as great as foreign/international product :D

Musa Widyatmodjo (love his scarf!)

Some shots while waiting for the show to begin....

the ceiling

I will show you the real show in my next post! :) hehehe. Since I don't want to make it too long, there are 3 posts to go: Ferry Sunarto, M by Musa, and Anne Avantie. Stay tuned!!!

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