April 15, 2013


I turned 17 years old last second day of April. Don't really like the fact of me being legal now.. I still want to enjoy my crazy-teenage years! And at the moment, I don't have any permanent signature so I haven't made my identity card yet hehehe.
I got quite a few of presents from my friends and family.. But I got 2 cakes which makes me happy enough! The first one is from my school friends, I have no clue at all that they will give me surprise, I thought they'd forgotten my birthday! XD Thank you so much fellas, you cure my sadness!

And this one is from my lovely parents! They let me choose the flavor..... and definitely I choose oreo cheesecake! At first, my parents wanted to buy the cake themselves but then they decided to let me choose my favorite flavor :D

And..... as if it is not enough, these are photos from my surprise birthday party at school! There is a video too, but I had trouble while uploading it. Please don't mind about my face, I do really feel surprised that time! :))

Finally, I'd like to say thank you for all your warm wishes! It means so much to me and makes me soooo happy! 

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