April 16, 2013

Click: Dskon.com

From time to time, humans always find a way to become better in every aspects, whether in their look, their style, their life, everything. Since internet was found, we started to know about this interesting thing called 'shopping online'. Nowadays, things can be easily purchased online. It is so easy that we don't need to go anywhere, just click the items that we wanted, pay it using credit/debit card, and then the items will be delivered straightly to your house! It is just a one click away, right? ;) I love to shop online, it is way more easier and simpler.

Soooo, I'm here to introduce you to this coolest website in town called Dskon! :D
Why Dskon.com? I love the new concept of shopping that Dskon offers. Being known as not only a deal aggregator, in which it collects every offers and deals that appeared in Indonesia's daily deals websites, it is also known as the trustworthy shopping portal. The website itself is neatly organized. The shop consists of fashion, health&beauty to culinary and travel.. To prevent yourself from being tricked, Dskon provides review in every shop so we know whether the shop is trustworthy or not :D

What makes it more interesting for me is their blog. The blog mainly discusses about reviews of products, tips&trends in fashion, and latest updates on sales that will certainly be useful for online shoppers. It is like one website with many access!!

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit Dskon here or like their facebook/twitter and find your favorite brand in a new and unique way! :) 

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