May 8, 2013

Rotari Parker: By Hirota Rie

English brand Rotari Parker is really gaining my attention for its uniqueness and quirkiness. You know I love food and fashion, and totally can't decide which one is more important. Now that I find a way which combine these two things into one, I feel so complete! I found this 'eatme' collection of Rotari Parker from Mischa Janette's blog and was totally amused by it :D

Now you can not only preserve your favorite snacks, but also wear them as high-end accessories! From what I read and browse all the way through the internet, these accessories are made from REAL food! They preserved and plasticized food with advanced technology to produce these cute accessories. I like it! :D
From yummy pretzels to sweet candies, my favorite are the biscuit and pretzel necklace! Ahhh it is so tempting. 
There are necklace, bracelet, earrings, and also brooch. The brooches are also very cute and pretty!
Here are some other masterpieces...hehehe. Cuteness overload!!!

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