July 11, 2013

Grand Kemang Hotel

I stayed at Grand Kemang Hotel for 2 days and 1 night with my sister and friend. We got a free voucher  to stay there, and we decided to use it on holidays. The hotel's interior is nice, but not as luxurious as I thought hehehe. But overall, the service and the hygiene are satisfying! The food and buffet are quite delicious, at least they are equal as the hotel's image and reputation :)

The lobby...and my friend posing with the statue lol.

As I recall, we stayed in Deluxe room. The room is comfortable, it has 2 chairs and a tea table at the corner, an LCD television in front of the bed, a telephone so we can order room service, and other things that are common in a hotel room :)

Breakfast at the hotel with a view to the swimming pool outside.
Various types of cheese
There is a nice porch...or balcony? I don't know. It is a part of the second floor of the hotel building, where we can see outside (front street) of the hotel. The floor is made of transparent glass! If you're afraid of height, better not try it :))

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