July 3, 2013


This very creative umbrella is called the Vegetabrella (Japanese pronounce: Bejitaburera). It is a folding umbrella that looks like a fresh head of lettuce when closed, but it opens up into a fully-functional umbrella.

Designer Yurie Mano (yes, another genius Japanese) made this out of 100% polyester. It is sold and manufactured by Tokyo Noble – a family owned company from Tokyo that specializes on the production of design and order made umbrellas.

The Vegetabrella is packaged in a brown gift box (called salad design) that looks like a real box lettuce would be stored in. How cute!! It sells for under $60. You can buy it at Tokyo Noble or Anything From Japan. I think they ship worldwide, just browse it okay hehehe.
Well, after all this umbrella can be used to brighten up your rainy day, right? :))

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