August 5, 2014

DIY : Recycled Doll

" I have so many clothes, my closet is so full!" "I don't wanna wear this clothes again.." "This top is too small, should I throw it away??" "I rarely use this t-shirt, wanna throw it away but I still love it... What should I do??" 

Do you ever had these kind of conversation in your head? Having unused fabrics or clothes? I have a solution for you who are experiencing that problem. DIY (do it yourself!) recycled cute stuffed dolls made from fabrics, cottons and buttons. All you need are needle, threads and glue (+fake eyes if you want). Yay! Omg I seem so happy in this post.... please bare with it okay hehehe. *laugh awkwardly*


1. Choose fabric for the bottom part of your doll.
After that fill it with cotton or dacron, then sew it just like the photo :D By the way, does anyone see that the doll in this photo looks like ekkado from Hoka Hoka Bento? :( My mind turns everything into food omg...

2. Likely same with instruction number 1, choose fabric for the top part then fill it and sew it.

3. Put fake eyes and button with glue. Finish~
You can decorate your doll's body as you wish. You know.. put ears, tie, necklace or something. I personally put eyes and headpieces (unused button) on it. 

Have fun playing with your imagination and creativity! xx

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