October 23, 2016


The first thing that came into my mind when arrived to Miss Bee Providore is: the place is beautiful with a form of 'glass house' with indoor and outdoor choices. It is indeed cozy with yellow and dark brown as main color (which represents 'bee' perhaps?) and there is space for children to play so it is suitable for family or even group of friends. Outside the restaurant there are outdoor swings, see-saw, and rabbit hutch!! I was quite surprised to see 2 rabbits near the swings :D Too bad the rabbit is in black color it is quite hard to spot them... I'd love to see white ones uuuuu so fluffy~

My friends and I went there on early October and Miss Bee Providore has started their Halloween decoration already! It feels quite eerie seeing those.. they've done a pretty good job. As a student council, my friends and I have tried to decorate my college for Halloween event and it turned out not so well... so seeing this really impressed me hahahaha. Anyway, we ate the recommended menus:

Salmon Spinach Lasagna
4.0 / 5 | IDR 59,500
Consists of baked salmon and spinach with bechamel sauce and tomato concasse. Bechamel sauce is one of five main sauce in French classic culinary, made from milk and roux flavored with salt, pepper, and nutmag. White tomato concasse comes from French word concasser: crush, grind; means peeled, deseeded, and minced tomato used mostly for sauce. This dish tastes decent and not too creamy, my friend thinks it is suitable for people who like more tomatoes in their dish.

Larb Gai Pasta
4.5 / 5 | IDR 49,500
One thing I want to tell is... THE PORTION IS BIG! Hahahaha it is even big enough to feed my happy tummy and they give so many minced chicken, I think the ratio is not equal between the minced chicken and pasta seasoned with Asian herbs and not so hot chili. Dear owner, you can reduce the amount of minced chicken to reduce cost haha. Honestly, it is one of those rare times when I didn't finish my food because of too much portion, in this case I mean the minced chicken. This dish isn't too spicy for my taste, but for my friend who can't handle spicy well she said that it is too spicy while sipping her tea every mouthful of spoon ^^

Thai Tea
4.0 / 5 | IDR 29,500
What a pretty presentation... Thai Tea comes with one cup of black tea and one glass of milk so we can mix it ourselves according to our taste.

House Tea 
5.0 / 5 | IDR 18,000
Perfect score for this affordable big glass of iced sweet tea :') Unlike other restaurants who sell iced sweet tea in small glass, I feel so blessed when I saw this tea coming with a really big glass, so satisfied! HAHA.

Sweet Lychee
4.0 / 5 | IDR 20,000
The cup is too cute in yellow color! Sweet Lychee comes with one teapot of hot tea, choices of sugar, and one small sweet cookie.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the service, food, and ambiance (although one waitress was quite rude and seems in hurry when serving us although it's weekday there weren't many people anyway...) I would love to come again and experience to sit indoor inside the house! The place is nice to enjoy your leisure time in Bandung :)


Miss Bee Providore
Jl. Rancabentang No. 11A,
Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Bandung, 40142
Phone: (022) 2033613

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