March 16, 2017


I feel the need to write this. Suddenly, I got an urge, a heavy urge, to write a blog post about this after a long time I've been gone from Blogger. It's like I need a space to spill this thought that has been bothering me since months ago. December, to be exact. The month that 'it' comes. That freaky creature.

These days I've been wondering why... why people are so rude and cruel? It makes them look weird. Like do they don't realize what they're doing? Do they know that their attitude do harm people? Both in words and action? Do they know that words really imprinted through other people's mind and soul? Words are sharp, baby. It can hurt a soul. 

I'm not saying this and indicating that I'm a perfect soul. Nope. I'm as rude as you guys are, but at least I keep it to myself. There are some basic, REALLY BASIC unwritten rules that us human in this world obey. I've read it somewhere and one of those basic unwritten rules in life is not to point out someone's flaw. You gotta keep it to yourself, we are all the same human trying to live this life. Wondering why we are here. Trying to survive this thing called life. 

Please, let's just keep it fair. Let's live life peacefully and don't harm others. What is your purpose? Jealousy? You feel jeopardized? Or you just like to tease people like that in 'your own way' not knowing that it can harm them, or you knew but choose not to care? Well, baby. 

Either that, I'm trying really hard not to find out about it. I'm trying to kill my curiosity and trying damn hard to live my life peacefully, far far away from those kind of toxic people. You should surround yourself with good people that is good for your mental health, life is too short to be with crazy toxic weird people, isn't it? 

By this means, 2017 and so forth will be so challenging, fuck. God bless me.

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