December 8, 2011

Saint Cinnamon | Kota Wisata

Yesterday, me and my friend spent a whole day outside.
First of all, we had lunch at a local restaurant. I ordered noodles and meatballs.

Then, we went to Saint Cinnamon cafe.
It is located near my house, it is a quite cozy place and it has free wi-fi zone!
That is the main reason why I love to spend my whole day there, hahaha.
I ordered vanilla milshake, while my friend ordered fresh milk and chocolate croissant.

We do feel a little guilty. We had fun watching DVDs at the cafe, while a bunch of assignments were waiting to be done. My school assignments are killing me softly! The teachers give assignments with super short deadline. *sigh*
Here is a photo of me and my friend (left-right). She loves Korean, so we watched a reality show called 'We Got Married'. If you are a Korean lover, you must know it!
I have to admit that I start to love K-pop and K-drama. OMG, I don't know whether this is a good or a bad thing, hahaha. See you on my next post! :)

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