January 12, 2013

Day By Day

Hello! Its been a while since I post my own outfits. You know guys why it takes so long for me to write new post? Because I'm enjoying my holiday! Being lazy all the time that I feel like these days have gone so fast. Sleeping, watching TV and youtube videos, etc.
Anyway, hope you will like this post, as much as I enjoy myself writing it spontaneously. I combine my slouchy dress with a dark grey outer and pink loose shirt, it looks kinda better with brown belt and some assorted accessories. Have a great day, everyone! :D 

Mom's vintage watch strap and flower ring.
Charles & Keith Heels


  1. Nice post :D I like this idea. Could be interesting to wear them, hanging out with friends.

  2. Not too much, not too casual. Good one, I think :)


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