February 9, 2013

Interview With Blü Dots

Hello hello :D I am currently in the middle of writing a new post, featuring a new promising local clothing line called Blü Dots by Andria Takwarif. I really enjoyed the photo shoot as well as the interview I did with her. Here are a few things that she shared with me through the interview, and some photos of me wearing Blü Dots apparel. The rest of the photos will be posted next week!

Meet Andria Takwarif the 21 year-old Indonesia based designer. She graduated from ESMOD Jakarta in 2012. Her first fashion show at ESMOD Last Collection presenting women's ready-to-wear collection caught my attention. While the others' collections are more serious, her collection uses bright pastel color so it gives more fun and colorful image.

Hello, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Let's start with a little introduction about your self!
Hello! My name is Andria Takwarif, you can call me Ria for short. My family consists of 5 members: my father, mother, older sister, and younger brother. I was born on June 4th, I used to live in my birth town Semarang with my family, then we all moved to Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang.

Since when you became interested in fashion industry? Why do you choose fashion as your career?
I've been interested in fashion since I was in senior high school, so that I chose ESMOD as I go to university. Actually, my mother has tailoring business that my grandmother previously owned. So, you can call this generation to generation business :) I choose fashion over other fields because in my opinion fashion has no limit. It is like you keep exploring and find something new to be your inspiration and it ends up to be your next collection. Those stuffs are interesting and not boring. In addition, I really love to make handcrafts since I was young.

What part of your job do you like best?

My job is really exciting, it is the place where I can express myself. It is like putting your personal statement into clothes. Usually, this is the reason why every designer have their own characteristic.

I can only agree! What is the meaning of Blü Dots?
Blü comes from the word 'blue' which is my favorite color. I use the font ü instead of u because it looks like a smiling face, do you get it? Dots for me is a symbol of joy, dots is a form without angle. My clothing line's character is fun, friendly and of course comfortable. I hope people who uses it will feel happy. 

What inspires you the most in fashion, and why?
My inspiration comes from things around me-like color, volume, or detail-and runway. We can see the newest trend from runway, we take the idea by making something new from it. I like Japanese brand such as Everlasting Sprout and Bortsprung.

What would best describe your clothing line? What makes it different? 
Most of fabrics that I used are natural fabrics (such as cotton, linen) so it is very comfortable. I love to mix various patterns in one apparel and blocking-color technique. My target market is young people especially teenager so the color range of Blü Dots collection is pastel to bright (not vibrant color). For stocks, it is 1-2 dozen per model so it is definitely unique.

Any future plans? What are you doing now?
I'm working with this brand at the moment. I usually spend my day by hunting fabric, design, and pattern making. I make pattern by myself, I don't hire any pattern maker. The official website of Blü Dots is coming soon! I'm on my way to sell my collections online, if the result is good, I want to have my own Blü Dots store :)

To learn more about Andria, her clothing line can exclusively be purchased by phone: (021) 53160285 / 087878580646. Blü Dots official website hasn't ready yet so if you are willing to see her clothes, you can visit her house at BSD Pulpitaloka Blok A8/7 Sektor III-3, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.

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