June 26, 2013

Sushi Mise

Last Friday night, I experienced a bad situation. I actually planned to eat at Sushi Miya81 because I was interested at how actors can handle a restaurant (it is owned by 4 Indonesian actors) and the restaurant's name kinda aroused curiosity. For those who don't know, we pronounce it Sushi Miyabi, Miyabi is a Japanese porn model lol.

By the time my friends and I arrived there, the waitress was like ignoring us. When we wanted to order, she said that the restaurant was about to close so they couldn't accept order anymore. BUT, people beside our table that came after us can order! It seems that the waiter/waitress were confused because it was hectic. I complained at their twitter but they didn't respond. Their service sucks, sorry to say.

Okay, enough about my blabber. I decided to eat at the nearest sushi restaurant (yes, I love sushi that much) which is Sushi Mise located at La Codefin, Kemang.  I have to say that they have the best crispy and crunchy roll in town!! I promise to come back as often as I can to this place because the service and food are excellent, despite the indoor area is a little narrow and the outdoor area is windy that you have to hold your hair while eating :)) *long-haired girl problem*

What did we order? First, there is crispy roll and crunchy roll.
Crispy roll: salmon skin, tobiko, kranci, mayonaise.
Crunchy roll: salmon, unagi, kyuri, crab stick, crunchy on top.

For people who doesn't like sushi, crispy roll is the best option because it doesn't smell fishy. My friend, who literally doesn't like sushi, said that we should go to this sushi place often because of the crispy roll hahaha. The topping is called 'kremes' in Indonesian. How to say it in English? Crunchy flakes? Kremes is a word comes from the sound when you bite something really crispy in your mouth. Indonesian loves to eat it, especially ayam goreng kremes (fried chicken with kremes).

Crispy Roll
 Crunchy Roll
 Spider Cheese Roll: deep fried, cucumber, with cheese and strawberry on top. Despite the strange appearance, it actually tasted good! I ate all the 4 sushi by myself because my friends weren't brave enough to taste it :))
 Tempura Udon: udon served with deep fried prawn
Tempura, served with fried vegetables. Tasted good, but I don't really like the fried eggplant.
 I forgot what I ordered... I think this is Iced Chocolate, tasted ordinary.
This one tasted better.
Me eating the Spider Cheese Roll alone because others think that it looked strange lol.
My friend and I unintentionally wore same stripes t-shirt! 
P.S: The pictures attached are from my first and second visit there. Proving that those sushi are really good!

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