July 12, 2013

Abuba Steak

My friends and I went to Abuba Steak for dinner. It was my first time there, I don't know what to order since I am currently decreasing my consumption of meat so I ordered salmon steak and green tea latte and ice cendol. Oh yes, I'm that greedy :))

Buuut, the waitress got my order wrong. She thought that I ordered grilled snapper instead of salmon steak. Honestly, it was our fault too because when the waitress was repeating our orders, we didn't really pay attention to it. Because of the misunderstanding, my salmon steak was served after my 6 friends had already finished their dinner... Can you imagine how awkward it was to eat alone after others were finished? Lol.

Grilled Snapper 
 Fish Finger

I didn't take any photo of my salmon steak because I was too hungry *blame the long wait*. But, I think it is okay because the salmon steak was not really delicious, it was overcooked! It somehow tasted a little bitter. At least, the vegetables, potatoes, and the barbeque sauce tasted good.
The green tea latte was fine, and the ice cendol was yummy scrummy! Although she did wrong, the waiter and waitress there are nice and friendly.

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