September 15, 2013

Taichan Restaurant: PIM

Went to Taichan Restaurant at Pondok Indah Mall, it is a Japanese restaurant which sells mostly ramen. Ramen is one of those yummy Japanese dish that is so good eaten while it is still hot. Ramen is the best choice when you are crafting for something hot and spicy!

Orochon ramen | IDR 45000
A spicy miso noodles soup. So spicy yet tastes really good, makes you want to eat it more. Somehow I can feel milk taste in it and it is so yummy! It doesn't affect the original ramen taste.

Taichan Ramen | Rp 42000
Miso noodles soup with vegetables and chicken. Tastes good if you're a vegetable lover since there are many vegetables (the yellow one in the picture is corn :D) and the chicken does not really dominate the ramen. I think this is their signature dish because they named it the same as the restaurant's name. But the taste turned out not as yummy as I expected, the Orochon ramen tastes way better. 

Iced Green Tea | IDR 17000
Quite pricey but it can be refilled :D

Matcha Ogura Ice Cream | IDR 30000
Matcha: green tea, ogura: red bean so it is green tea ice cream with red beans as topping. Tastes soft and mild, the green tea ice cream is not too sweet or too bitter. Green tea is good for health, eating/drinking green tea after meal is good, isn't it? ;)


  1. Wow, gotta try this! Looks really tasty and I think it's quite cheap for Japanese dishes :3 Does orochon ramen have meat in it? Chicken?

    1. Hello, Ratu! I eventually ate there and yes, the orochon got chicken in it. It was so soo soo good. Especially if you love those tasty, spicy hot meals presented in soup with milky aroma. Huaaaa, totally out of my mind. I'm in love with their Orochon! lol


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