December 7, 2013


I used to think that take away food is always placed in a styrofoam or a plastic box. But I was wrong! My parents bought me a special combo from Lotteria last night and it was packed in a super cute box!

It looks like a bento box but actually it is made from plastic. The box is divided into 6 parts: the round one in the middle for rice (unfortunately, the rice portion is too small, it is not equal with the side dishes. maybe it could be bigger if we ate it at Lotteria), the small part for sweet-spicy sauce, and other parts for sweet chicken, crispy chicken, scrambled egg, and fresh vegetables (cabbage). I love the crispy chicken, the meat is moist enough so it is still good whether you eat it immediately or not. 

I have had dinner at Lotteria and I think it is quite pleasing for a Kpop lover because they play Korean songs non-stop lol. Such a great job by Lotteria, they bring fresh concept in fast food restaurant especially in Indonesia. Lotteria is part of Lotte group from Korea, right? Oh nope, Lotteria is from Japan, the boss is a Japanese of Korean descent haha I just googled it :))

Speaking of Korea, I want to tell you that....... 2NE1 is back!!! The queens are back with their sad song which is perfect for autumn/winter titled "Missing You". Guess what?! CL goes nude in the music video, the first Kpop idol who is brave enough to do that. Make sure to watch the music video!

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