December 17, 2013

Oreo Ice Cream Cake and #RotiKodok Moin!

Hey! I have a good news for you food lovers who love to eat but can't cook really well :D This useful cooking blog called moinblog helps us to make yummy dishes in a super easy way! I love their concept and idea, they teach us how to cook in an easy way so people like me who doesn't like to cook difficult dishes but loves to eat doesn't feel burdened ;)
I found moinblog (a long time ago...) from Bena Kribo's twitter, one of famous bloggers from Indonesia. I immediately feel excited because finally there is someone who can help me to cook in a simple way!
The first dish that I tried to cook is called #RotiKodok :D Roti = bread, kodok = frog. I don't know why they called it that way.. But don't worry! The bread doesn't look like a frog okay hahaha. You can see the recipe at moinblog here. Mine is not as good as the example, but at least it tasted good! This bread is so perfect for breakfast, makes you feel happy to face the day :))

Second dish that I tried is Oreo Dumbo Ice Cream Cake! Why did I try this? Because I'm a fan of any kind of oreo cakes but they are quite expensive if you buy it at a bakery or cake shop. But with this oreo dumbo ice cream cake, you can make it at home and the ingredients are easy to be found. You can see the recipe here.

Before chocolate smear...
 After chocolate smear...

I made the oreo dumbo ice cream cake twice. I use blueberry ice cream for the first one and vanilla ice cream for the second one, both of them taste good indeed. You should try their recipes at home! :)

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