February 22, 2014

Cooking Panda

Cooking Panda! The restaurant's name itself is cute, right?

Cooking Panda serves beef, chicken, curry, and fries. You can find them at Kota Kasablanka, Citraland, and Supermal Karawaci. My sister and I were walking around Citraland Mall when we saw this cute bright yellow restaurant, it automatically attracts our eyes. I love pandas, they are the only white and black animal that looks exactly like stuffed doll, and they seem like a good animal! Okay back to the post... Shortly, I love the idea of using a panda as the icon and their panda glass is super cute :D

What we order?
Panda Combo B
It contains miso soup, iced tea, Wonder Beef Yakiniku (juicy slices of beef, marinated with sauce) and Chicken Volcano (tender slices of chicken, fried and glazed by spicy sauce).

 *le sister*

Who says a panda can't cook?

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