April 26, 2014

Resep Indomie Kuah Susu

Ever feel bored with instant noodles? I'll tell you how to make your instant noodles tastier! A few weeks ago, I saw some random posts in the internet saying this "Indomie kuah susu" will be the next hippest thing in town. At first, I was like ewww how would anyone eat instant noodles like Indomie with milk? But my curiosity is bigger.. so this afternoon, there was no one at home and I had Indomie + plain milk + cheese + people said it is good so, why not try it?

Here is the recipe of Indomie Kuah Susu. It is so easy to make and tastes surprisingly yummy (like carbonara), you just have to change the water for sauce/kuah into milk. I use this plain milk because if you use sweet milk it would taste weird I guess.

1. Boil the water and put your Indomie kuah in any flavor you like, I use ayam bawang.
2. Heat up the milk, stir it continuously so it will stay as liquid and won't coagulate. 
3. Add the seasoning powder and chili powder into the bowl, don't put the seasoning oil. But some recipes are saying that it is okay to put the seasoning oil so that the noodles won't be too creamy. I put a little of it and my noodles still tastes creamy so next time I'll make sure that I put the seasoning oil.
4. Strain your noodles, put it into the bowl and then pour the milk. Mix it together.
5. Put grated cheese. A lot of cheese because I like it and it tastes better :D And it is done!

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