July 26, 2014

Ichiban Sushi | Mall Ciputra Cibubur

Today, I went swimming with friends at Family Park Citragrand. Swimming to me means a little splashing water + swimming and a lot of talking + laughing with friends :p I finally can swim at the age of 17 hahahaha. I learned it myself though. I once had a swimming course at the age of 8 for a couple of months but can't manage to do it and I don't know why :|

After swimming, we went to Ichiban Sushi at the mall nearby for early lunch at 11.30 am. It is fasting month now so there are not that much people both at the mall and the restaurant that time. No one is eating there beside us. We went to Ichiban Sushi because my friend said that the ramen taste good and cheap *chinese mode: on*.

The restaurant is divided into indoor and outdoor (the entrace is outside the mall). The waitresses are so friendly, they serve us with wide smile :) The service is good overall. How I love friendly people ahaha. We sat at a table for four near a window that's why the photos today are good thanks to the sun brightness yes.

Fish Roll | IDR 20000
9 / 10
The fish roll is sooo yummy! Served with mayonnaise, a little caviar on top, and grated carrots. Carrots are fresh. The fish roll is crunchy because of the fish skin. One portion consists 8 pieces of sushi and we ordered 2 portions of it. I think this is a promo discount menu, so you won't find it in the actual menu but on the table-side menu. There are fish roll, fish cake roll, tofu roll, etc all IDR 20k, a pretty good deal!

Fish Cake Roll | IDR 20000
8 / 10
Fish cake is like otak-otak in Indonesia or tteokbokki in Korea. The mayonnaise texture is kinda weird, my friend said it was because the mayo was burned.. Fish roll taste much better for me (yes, I like it that much).

Beef Ramen | IDR 28182
7.5 / 10
Ramen with sliced beef, narutomaki (cute!!), vegetables, bean sprouts, and spring onions. We can order it based on spicy level (1 hot - 7 super hot). For best flavor, I suggest you to order level 3 which is spicy enough. My friend once ate level 7 and HE was tearing up like literally crying because he can't stand the spiciness lol. Some of the sliced beef are tough and the ramen noodle is quite mushy this time :( It tasted fine the last time my friend ate it.. But the ramen broth taste perfect!

Chicken Katsu Donburi | IDR 18000
7.5 / 10
One bowl full of rice and chicken katsu with decent price! Taste so-so... the chicken sauce saved the taste! Served with rice beneath, chopped green paprika and have much amount of vegetables in it such as carrot, cabbage, etc.

Chicken Katsu Curry Donburi | IDR 21000
8 / 10
Yum yum if you love curry! A rice bowl dish consisting of carrots, potatoes, chicken katsu, and curry simmered together and served over rice :D

Ocha (Hot / Cold) Refill | IDR 8182 
5 / 10
The ocha is so bitter omg. I really hate it when I order ocha and it is bitter. We refilled it 3 times and it is still bitter. The second time I went here it also taste bitter :)) But it is okay as long as the waitress refill our drinks with smile hahaha it is sweet enough *eww bye!*


Ichiban Sushi
Jl. Raya Arteri Cibubur
Mall Ciputra, Ground Floor (GF)

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