July 24, 2014

Pizza e Birra | Central Park

The name Pizza E Birra sounds elegant and interesting in my ear. I imagine them selling delicious pizza with strong Italian flavor hahaha. A couple weeks ago, I got the chance to try it at Central Park. The place is near Tribeca Park located outside the mall, right beside Kitchenette restaurant (which I will try next time teehee!).

Pizza E Birra and Kitchenette are part of Ismaya Group; the one who owns Pasta De Waraku, Sushi Groove, Magnum Cafe, and had held many concerts. Ismaya group is one that catch my attention and applause because their restaurants' concept are all so well-thought, catchy, and the taste is ofc delicious!
Penne Spinach Pesto | IDR 72000
8 / 10
The penne is quite tasteless for me, maybe it needs more seasoning like salt? But the crispy chicken and pesto sauce save the taste! The chicken is perfect seasoned, crisp outside and tender inside.

Chicken Mushroom
8 / 10
Honestly, I forgot what the exact menu name is. I'm quite sure it is chicken mushroom because it is what they served on the plate! Hahaha. Taste good especially with parmesan cheese. I'm not a fan of mushroom but they cooked it well so you don't really feel the mushroom's smell.

Pizza Tiramisu | IDR 29000 + 15000
8.5 | 10
We ordered this for dessert, you can ask the waiter to serve this after you've finished your dish :D I love it! I thought it would taste like pancake or waffle but no, the pizza is crunchy. With vanilla ice cream on top (additional price IDR 15k) and maybe a little bit of rum? I can smell the rum somehow lol.

Apple & Spice Soda | IDR 33000
6.5 / 10
It tastes weird... Maybe because both of us haven't tasted apple and spice before. It is better to order something normal next time like strawberry soda ;)

Premium Tea
8.5 / 10
Smells nice! One small teapot with variation of sugar (like Tropicana Slim sugar, brown sugar, etc).

Overall, the waiters are friendly, even my friend thinks that the staff's smile are too wide and happy lol. The table itself is pretty well-decorated and they provide parmesan cheese on the table so you can add it to your dish as much as you want!!!


Pizza e Birra
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Kav. 28, Central Park Unit PAV 03
Slipi, Jakarta Barat, 11470
Phone: (021) 29200262

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