June 20, 2017


Pizza Hut in my opinion is still the best pizza restaurant that is perfectly suitable for family, friends, or even your own self (girl gotta satisfy herself with a big pan of pizza yo) I've tried several pizza places but my heart and taste still goes to Pizza Hut. Honestly, we all have tried Pizza Hut at least once, right? Usually it started when you're a kid and your parents bring you to enjoy pizza and Italian fusion cuisine.. well at least it happens in my family and surroundings hahaha.

I can't even count how many Pizza Hut branches I've been to. Hmm.. Let's count.. Pizza Hut Bekasi, Cibubur, Green Garden, Pancoran, Bendungan Hilir, all the way from the West to East! All I can say is that all the menus I've tried never fails.. all delicious and innovative and I have to mention that their menus are really tempting and beautiful! (I have a thing for good layout) Shoutout to the people behind their menu design, hire me plz haha.

I will update all of my Pizza Hut pics here. So stay tuned!!! 

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