August 3, 2014

The Bailey's and Chloe

Hello! I just came back from my friend's house after staying there for 6 days :D Quite long, right.. I feel extremely bored during holiday (like really bored and mad that u can't even imagine) because literally I spend all days at home and run out of things to do so when she asked me to come over I said yes! I've tried to browse some part-time jobs but can't find any that suits me :( I just knew that Starbucks only accept part-timers that are already in university.

Today I'm gonna tell you about The Bailey's and Chloe restaurant (or can be considered as cafe) located at Tanjung Duren. A lot of people around me have been taking Instagram photos at this resto which are pretty and make me really curious to try it (yes, I eat food based on how they look :p). If you're looking for good food with good price, then you're at the right post!

The restaurant's logo is a pair of bears. But from what I heard from my friend who is a friend of one of the owner's boyfriend *lol*, Baileys and Chloe are their dogs' name. Wonder why the logo is not dog... *Jess being so nosy again pls just do your business okay*

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The place is quite cozy but not too big, with wifi provided at 2 floors and decorated with mostly teddy bears, cute little vintage dresses and purple wallpaper, the atmosphere is homey :)

Oglio Olio | IDR 25000
8.5 / 10
All pastas for IDR 25k! You can choose spaghetti, fettucine, or penne for the pasta. Taste perfect, not too spicy. The chicken breast is yummy too!

Spicy Tuna | IDR 25000
8 / 10
Yum! Not too spicy, the penne is flavored perfectly. I once ordered penne at Pizza e Birra and it was quite tasteless.

Mushroom Pool | IDR 18000
7 / 10
Creamy champignon mushroom soup. Umm, I don't really like the texture of the soup. I guess they blend the mushroom into the soup so texture is kinda rough :|

Cheezy Bolster | IDR 15000
8.5 / 10
Squid roll stuffed with cheese. I love it! Perfect for light snack while chatting with your friends ....but high in cholesterol. *poke tummy*

El Locco | IDR 18000
8 / 10
Crunchy nachos with minced beef, tomato sauce, and melted cheese. Taste good! Although the tomato sauce dominate the melted cheese :( I'm not a fan of nachos because of the sour taste of tomato sauce.

King Caesar | IDR 23000
8 / 10
Caesar salad (photo at the top of the post :D). Grilled chicken, lettuce, crouton, tomato, cheese with caesar dressing. I'm so in love with croutons these days..

Ice Cream Fritte | IDR 18000 + 1 additional scoop | IDR 5000
9.5 / 10
It is so good T_T Especially if you mix it first before eating. From top to bottom there are ice cream, corn flakes, sliced peach, strawberry, marshmallow, pudding, and jelly. We order additional 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, and they served it separately with few strawberries hahaha so cute.

Lime Mojito & Apple Mojito | IDR 15000
Lime (left) 8.5 / 10
Apple (right) 8 / 10
My friend like the apple mojito while I like the lime mojito best. The apple mojito taste quite strong for me. You should try both!

They don't accept card by the way. We went there at night innocently just bringing one card without any cash, because my friend not so good memory thought that she once used credit card here -_- Luckily, my friend's house is nearby so she called her mother to come and bring my purse.

Fyi, we order the foods not all at once. We order one after another therefore we keep calling the waitress hahaha we feel quite guilty and annoying but she responded with smile :D The service is good!

The Bailey's and Chloe 
- Western and Asian cuisine
- Tanjung Duren Utara IV No. 55A, West Jakarta
Price Range :
- Less than IDR 100000 / person
- Food IDR 15000 - 30000
- Beverage IDR 5000 - 20000
Opening Hours :
- 11 am until 11 pm (Sun - Thurs)
- 11 am until 12 am (Fri - Sat)

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