August 5, 2014

Urban Bistro | Lippo Mall Kemang

I went to Lippo Mall Kemang last week to eat, yes just eat :)) There were 2 restaurants which we confused about where to eat so we decided to look at the menus. The waitress at the first restaurant was kinda rude, she looked not patient while we were looking at the menu. So, we decided to eat at the second restaurant which is located right next to the first restaurant. Conclusion is, your employees' attitude determines how many customers you got in business :)

We ate at Urban Bistro, they sell both Western and Indonesian food. The restaurant's interior is nice and the waiters are friendly. There is a television inside the restaurant so we can watch TV while eating!

French Fries | IDR 23000
9 / 10
French fries served with chili sauce.

Tagliolini Neri Con | IDR 65000
8.5 / 10
Quite good! It is fettuccine in black cuttlefish/squid ink. The squid is perfectly cooked, not chewy.

Nasi Ayam Kemangi | IDR 49000
9 / 10
Looove the chicken! It is so fragrant because of the 'kemangi' or we call it basil in English.

Strawberry Juice | IDR 35000
Iced Regular Tea | IDR 20000
9 / 10 

The strawberry juice is served in a quite big glass :D

Urban Bistro
Lippo Mall Kemang
Lt. UG OD 05
(021) 29056707

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