October 9, 2014

I Finally Learned How To Use Photoshop

Hello folks!

Its been quite long since I'm on hiatus. Hahaha I'm talking like a Korean celebrity now.. I am now adapting with college life. Who knows at the age of eighteen I go to a creative university-college in the central of Jakarta, riding public transportation like Metromini 640 and Kopaja 19 and do my daily activities all by myself? Life is indeed unpredictable. I live in a 'kost' now (a boarding house in English hahah) far away from Cibubur, far away from West Jakarta, far away from parents, everything feels so new. I am so proud of myself muhahaha. Actually, it is not as exciting as I'm writing this at 1.30 a.m. when I have class at 9 a.m this morning.. I just finished making my assignment which involved Adobe Photoshop! Yes, finally I learn how to use it properly in university. Repeat, in university. Hahahah but I'm glad I finally know what layers mean, how to use it, etc. So, basically the purpose of this post is to show off about my very beginner level of Adobe Photoshop CS6 :))) Let me know what you think about these, I'd be glad.

I'm in love with bright colored hair these days. Like ash grey, blonde, purple, pink, ombre green. I'm dying to dye my hair but I'm afraid of the hair damage and hair loss. So I just put my obsession here in my own fashion magazine cover. (G-Dragon at Junya Watanabe show, Paris Fashion Week) (nice sunglasses, eh?)

My version of Nike advertisement. It's just for fun and practicing hehehe. Have I told you that I'm into pastel colors these days? Pastel I mean is these kind of colors.. tosca blue and peach.

See you on my next-I-promise-drooling-food post!

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  1. Oh so great ^^

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