October 23, 2014

Mamma Rosy | Kemang

I was invited to #ZomatoMeetUp at Mamma Rosy!

It was really nice meeting new fellow food-lovers :D We talk a lot about food and this time I'm not the only one who takes photos of food, they also do!!! My close friends and family already know about my little habit, every time we eat they'll wait for the food to be photographed unless I won't let them eat hahaha.

Located at Kemang Raya 58 beside Ranch Market, Mamma Rosy is easy to be found. Homemade Italian food made by Mamma Rosy herself, it is indeed a genuine Italian family restaurant, not like restaurant where the company just hire a chef from Italy ;) The restaurant interior really resembles a home, it'll makes you feel comfortable. I came there at 1 p.m where I saw maybe an Italian family eating there together. I almost feel like I'm at someone's house lol. By the way, the Zomato meetup was held upstairs at a semi outdoor place so the lighting is good for taking pics!

When we went there, Mamma and her children (Daniel Vigone and his older sister, if I'm not mistaken) greeted us happily. Mamma can't speak English, she only speaks Italiano. *how cool!* So, her daughter explains the history of the restaurant and the food as well. There were a lot of food, like almost 20 kinds of food, or more? What I remember is.. I feel full and satisfied, it is the feeling you'll get if you go to Zomato meetup perhaps hahaha. *poke my happy tummy*

We even have our own menu card, so pretty!

Let's get started!!! Anyway. the menu name sound so Italian in my mind that I keep forgetting what is what, I literally just ate them all hahaha. But I've done a lot of research in this post so I'm sure they are correct. *just spent all day browsing those menu names on Google images*


2.5 / 5
It taste kinda rough, maybe because it have been out for too long.

Prosciutto and Salame (mixed italian cold cuts) | IDR 119000
3.0 / 5
Selection of Italian ham and salami (fermented and air-dried meat). It tastes kinda salty, the sliced ham taste soft and good tho. Indeed, all of them taste fresh!

Carpaccio Di Manzo Scottato | IDR 89000
3.5 / 5
Thin slices of beef marinade with lemon, olive oil and shavings of parmesan cheese, rucola and sundried tomatoes. Really thin slices so it taste fresh and savory but kinda sour maybe because of many tomatoes and lemons..

Vitello Tonnato | IDR 44000
4.5 / 5
Sliced roast beef sirloin with tonnata sauce of tuna, fresh mayonnaise and capers. Taste good!!! I love the sauce and mayonnaise on top. But I think if you eat too much you'll feel kinda sick hehe, but then again who would eat all of this alone? 

Caprese | IDR 69000
4.0 / 5
Fresh mozzarella and fresh tomato, basil pesto. Neither a fan of tomato, nor a fan of leaves but this taste nice especially with the cheese! It was my first time eating Caprese, it looks so attractive because of the red, white and green color. My suggestion is: feel the savory in one-bite. 


Tagliatelle Carbonara | IDR 89000
4.0 / 5
Eggs, bacon (pork), black pepper, parmesan. Love love love!

Risotto Fontina Special
3.5 / 5
First time too eating risotto and I love it!

Ravioli Burro E Salvia | | IDR 79000
3.5 / 5
Butter, sage and parmesan. I ate this in one-bite, makes it taste even yummy!

Gnocchi Pesto | IDR 79000
3.5 / 5
Fresh basil leaves, pecorino cheese, parmesan. I love the shape of gnocchi its so cute haha taste good also!

Spaghetti Ai Frutti Di Mare | IDR 89000
4.5 / 5
At first when I read the name, I thought it was some kind of spaghetti with fruits topping :)) Turned out it is spaghetti with seafood especially clams.

Lasagna Al Pesto | IDR 89000
4.0 / 5
Handmade paste layers with pesto, besciamella cream and parmesan. 

Lasagna Pomodoro
3.5 / 5
I prefer lasagna al pesto. This one taste like bolognese sauce and tomato sauce, but don't trust my tongue this time because again, I literally just ate them all :))

Psssttt... We haven't even reached the main course! Keep scrolling! :p


Golosa | IDR 139000
3.0 / 5
Mozzarella, bacon (pork), chicken, egg, truffle and mushroom cream, parmesan, black pepper, chili oil.

Aglio Olio & Cabe | IDR 89000
4.0 / 5
Tomato, mozzarella, basil, onion, tuna, garlic, chili olive oil, potatoes. Their pizza crusts somehow are a bit hard and rough.

Karnivora | IDR 124000
3.5 / 5
Tomato, mozzarella, basil, onion, smoked beef, marinated garlic beef, parley, and paprika. It is kind of meat lovers pizza, that's why the name is carnivore :p


Filetto Alla Ligure | IDR 109000
4.5 / 5
Fish fillet cooked in oven with wine, capers, cherry tomatoes, black olives. Loveee taste so fresh and savory!

Agnello Al Brandy with Mixed Side Dishes | IDR 149000
4.5 / 5
Tender lamb slowly roasted in oven with brandy and Italian herbs.

*Other menu that Jess forgot the name and hasn't tried and just took the pics*

Some kind of spinach with cheese and garlic. 


Tiramisu | IDR 44000
5.0 / 5
With mascarpone cheese sauce, Italian savoiardi biscuits dipped in coffee and cocoa on top. I'm really a fan of tiramisu and this one is real tiramisu, so good T_T

Apple Crumble
4.5 / 5
I'm such a sweet tooth -_- Every desserts on my blog always have higher points. But it really taste good!

Zuppa Inglese | IDR 44000
3.5 / 5
Savoiardi biscuits dipped into red alkermes liqueur with fresh chocolate and egg custard. At first, I thought it was some kind of red velvet cakes, I guess it wrong again hahaha. The white thing on top is egg custard :D

Budino Della Nonna | IDR 44000
3.5 / 5
Pudding with eggs, amaretti biscuits and caramel sauce. Nice plating.. and its actually grandma's recipe!


Lurisia Stille
- / 5
It is a mineral water. Nice packaging, uh?

Spritz and Sangria | IDR 79000
- / 5
Apple, orange, lime, cointreau, sprite, and cinnamon with red wine. You can also choose sparkling rose, sparkling white, or white for the wine. I'm not a big fan of wine (hey, I'm only 18 who loves juice :p) and I rarely drink alcohol so I won't review it because I don't understand the taste well.

Virgin Mojito | IDR 39000
Lime, fresh mint leaves, brown sugar, syrup. I didn't drink this one since I choose Spritz and Sangria but I guess this one taste much better, I should've ordered it :|

Is it okay if I feel hungry and drooling over my own photos...? Because I feel so when writing and editing this post omg help... Will definitely come back to taste another food from Mamma Rosy. Have I said that the place is cozy and artsy? If you're witty enough you'll see Mamma Rosy and her family's old photos near the staircase.

Even the toilet is beautiful... 

Thank you Zomato for inviting me and for the goodie bag + voucher (I'm gonna use it well haha), to Mamma Rosy for the great friendly service and also to Bloomberg TV, they said it will be aired on the first week of November at 8 p.m prime time!

With Mamma Rosy! For the love of cooking :p

With Augusto, Mamma's grandson. He's so cute btw!

I'm so happy when I open the goodie bag and there is this glass, so cute isn't it? Love the food pattern

*All menu description and price are from Zomato because of my short-term memory.

*List of attendees, you can check their website out:
1. Soya Yanagawa
2. Yu Kato
3. Stephanie Wibisono
4. Yuke Adora
5. Khairunnisa Siregar
6. Teuku Syafreza
7. Stacia Priscilla
8. Ferna Kinata
9. Bernardine Stephanie
10. Jessyana (me me me!)
11. Aline Chandra
12. Eliza Setiawan
13. Dian Anggraini
14. Atika Sumarsono
15. Yenny Widjaja
16. Octa Thursina
17. Dedy Miharza
18. Fachmi Permadi

Mamma Rosy
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 58
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone : (021) 71791592
Open  : 11 am - 22 pm everyday

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