October 16, 2014

Nanny's Pavillon | Gandaria City

Say hello to Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room! I really loooove Nanny's Pavillon for their really well-developed concept with different theme in every restaurants.

Kimberly's Green Sausage Pasta | IDR 55000 
3.0 / 5
The sauce taste pretty good and the pasta is perfect al dente. But there are too many big sausage since I'm trying hard to reduce my meat consumption.. I feel pity seeing cows on truck don't have any idea where they're going to end at, which is being killed and chopped. But its so hard omg I'm such a carnivore -_- If you love sausages, this should be your choice!

Melonade, Mango Juice | IDR 28000
3.5 / 5

I kinda miss us four eating together. As we grow up, we didn't have much time to gather and eat.. *jadi curhat*


Nanny's Pavillon 
Gandaria City, Lantai Upper Ground, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Gandaria, Jakarta
(021) 29053228
(021) 29053229

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