December 31, 2014

Ellexito Eatery and Pastry

At first glance, I thought Ellexito is an ice cream place, it sounds quite familiar to me, maybe because of their resemblance to Elicxir Gelato (?) Located at Kemang, just go to the one-way road beside McDonald's and then turn right, you'll see a white placard of Ellexito on your left side and Food Garden on your right side. 

I go to Ellexito with 12 fellow foodies from Zomato. What I love from eating out with them are they love to take food pics as much as myself so time isn't a problem until we got nice photos :) We also got to taste new menus from Ellexito that supposed to be already out right now and give some comments to Ellexito's owner. Her name is Stella and yes she is friendly, I went home right when she was making desserts so I guess she doesn't really remember me hahaha but thanks for the good food anyway!

Foodie taking pics... standing on a chair isn't a problem!

Ellexito Eatery and Pastry is a cafe officially opened this mid-year 2014, adding to list of yummy places-to-go in Kemang! Their main course is fusion pasta mixed with Indonesian taste such as Green Chicken Woku (Manado food), Red Spicy Anchovies with Penne (teri balado) and Salted Egg Spaghetti with Prawns (spaghetti telur asin). Their sell French pastry style such as Passion (Flourless chocolate sponge, dark chocholate crumble, passion fruit gelee, and earl grey tea milk chocolate mousse), De’ Caramelo (vanilla sponge, homemade strawberry caramel jam, caramel jelly and vanilla mousse), Royal (almond dacquoise, crunchy praline, and dark chocolate mousse), Mango Yogurt Panacotta, Red Velvet, etc. I didn't try their dessert and pastry because I went home earlier T_T Huhuhu honestly my first purpose coming to this foodie meetup is to try desserts... But it is okay, I will definitely come back again because they serve good food with affordable price and decent portion :D

Dessert Counter

The place is not big, you can see the kitchen and dessert counter in the first floor which is non-smoking area, I suggest you to use second floor in order to have more privacy because it is less crowded (but smoking area). Inside the restaurant, you can see picture frames hanging on the wall from the main entrance. The overall interior looks minimalist. The unique thing is, we can request the spiciness level for pasta because they know most Indonesians love spicy!

New Menu that we tried!

Hainamese Spaghetti with Oriental Chicken | IDR 59000
3.0 / 5
The idea is to replace a Hainan rice with spaghetti... and it worked! New thing for our tongue, taste good and everything are balanced except the chicken was a bit too salty for me.

Rendang Beef Steak | IDR 70000
4.0 / 5
LOVE how they create this menu, so creative! Rendang steak is what we Indonesian people are looking for..  umm no guess it is what I've been looking for hahaha. The rendang made from real beef meat is tender and easy to be sliced so don't worry you won't get that super hard to slice rendang meat from Padang restaurant hahaha. But I don't know whether you would feel sick or full after eating a full portion of the steak served with french fries and calamari (it wasn't onion rings yay!), also the rendang beef smell is quite strong.

Creamy Fusilli Spinach with Grilled Salmon | IDR 70000
3.5 / 5
Love the green color of fusilli that are made from spinach. The grilled salmon was way too plain for me, lack of seasoning but still, you can feel the pure taste of fresh salmon which is savory. There are mushroom and grated cheese too, completing the salmon and fusilli, yum!

Chicken Balinese Salsa with Garlic Butter Rice | IDR 70000
4.0 / 5
You should try this one if you want rice to make you full. The garlic butter rice was soooo good, seasoned perfectly well so you can feel garlic taste but not too strong. It doesn't dominate the star of the dish which is Chicken Balinese Salsa! The sauce on top of chicken is yum :3

Other Menu

Green Chicken Woku | IDR 48000
3.5 /5
One of the fusion pasta! Green fettuccine (I guess it was made from spinach too) and woku chicken which is a Manado spicy chicken. It is one of the most favorite menu in Ellexito and I love it. What I can say is the rich of taste and seasoning are suitable for Indonesian people. The spiciness blended well with fettuccine and chicken.

Tuna Aglio Olio | IDR 38000
3.0 / 5
Al dente well-cooked spaghetti with good amount of tuna and parmesan cheese. You can choose the spiciness level also. Superb!

Cheesy Baked Rice | IDR 38000
5.0 / 5
Dish of the day -> Five out of five stars!!! Hahaha it is because I love it THAT much. Butter baked rice with tuna and melted cheese on top. Oh. My. God. They give really generous tuna inside you can feel how the tuna, creamy buttered rice and cheese melted all at once the moment they enter your mouth. I suggest to eat Cheesy Baked Rice when it is still hot, the taste will turn out more.. This menu is perfect for you who want to eat big because rice will make you feel more full (especially for Indonesians). One thing need to be improved for this menu is... make the portion bigger!!

Rice Burger | IDR 55000
3.0 / 5
I ordered this because of curiosity hehehe I kept thinking about what this food will look like before ordering. Beyond my expectation is the rice that is actually green! Maybe it is made from spinach just like their green fusilli. Healthy food indeed, served with salad such as lettuce, carrot, and cabbage. The meat is beef teriyaki which taste like usual teriyaki so nothing special in it. However, I think the portion of salad is more than beef teriyaki because many onions are dominating the beef teriyaki so it is not balanced. Remember... this is an opinion from a carnivore like me :))

Chicken Steak | IDR 55000
3.0 / 5
Served with french fries, honey citrus salad, and creamy sauce. The chicken was tender and perfect with the sauce. However, the whole plate was too dry for me, the salad and chicken didn't really help.

Fettuccine Carbonara | IDR 45000
4.5 / 5
Real fettuccine carbonara, I mean the taste was so close to the original Italian one. The creaminess level is perfect and they give nice amount of bacon as you can see in the photo ;) I love these kind of pasta by just using egg, cheese, bacon, and black pepper you can make such a delicious dish.

Lemongrass Lime Mayo Spaghetti | IDR 48000
3.0 / 5
By reading the menu name itself I feel that the taste must be so sour. Lemon and lime. It turned out not as I expected. It taste fresh and I love the sauce!

Mood Booster | IDR 28000
3.5 / 5
Blueberry, pear, lime with tonic water. It is the sourness that makes this drink so fresh and it will lighten up your throat! Maybe that's why it is called the mood booster... (-_-)

Green Tea Blend | IDR 38000
3.0 / 5
With oatmeal on top!! I've never drink green tea blended with oatmeal on top so it is a new thing to me :)

Lychee Iced Tea | IDR 22000
3.0 / 5
With several real lychees inside (...or maybe canned lychees). For a 22000 rupiah drink, I expect a bigger glass hehehe.


Ellexito Eatery and Pastry
Jl. Kemang 1 No. 12A
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 29704981 ext. 186
Wifi: Yes

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