June 20, 2017


UPDATED (June 20, 2017)

(December 18, 2014)

Yeay! Finally, Umaku opened their branch at Kota Wisata. It took like forever and I can't believe they opened it near my house. Now, I don't have to go all the way to Citra Gran just to buy these yummy sushi :D :D

The place has two floors, located at Ruko Sentra Eropa. You can see the cooks making the sushi because it is a kind of 'open-kitchen' but the seating area is kinda small so I decided to do take away.

Volcano | IDR 41000
4.0 / 5
The most favorite sushi from Umaku. From the very beginning when I want to try Umaku, my friends recommended this Volcano saying that it taste like heaven hahaha. I love the salmon inside + mayonnaise. 4 pieces of sushi for IDR 41000, not so cheap but worth the try!

Spider Roll | IDR 49000
4.5 / 5
I never know that eel could taste this good. When I first tried this sushi, I didn't know it was eel. I just ate it innocently, thinking how good it was (I thought it was fish or mackerel...). Then I read the menu again, and I was like OMG I just ate eel for the first time in my life! I am afraid of eel because they're mushy and scary in real life hahah I remember I had to put my hands into a bucket full of eels when Orientation Day in senior high school, it was terrible experience. But they're so good when cooked!

Spicy Tuna Roll | IDR 28000
3.0 / 5
Taste not as good as Volcano and Spider Roll, but still worth to try because of fresh tuna and cucumber wrapped with sushi and seaweed (nori). And the price is not as high as volcano :D

Umaku Sushi
Ruko Sentra Eropa Blok E No. 15, Kota Wisata, Cibubur
(021) 84932185 / 86


  1. ahh gilee jadi bikin laperr hahahah
    aku biasanya mmapir ke Umaku yang di duren tigaa, suka banget sama sushi dan tempatnya :D

    salmon saladnya itulohh, generous banget salmon sliced nyaa haaahhhhh jadi laperr :))

    1. Hahaha makasih kakkk fotonya membuat laper ya =D Belom pernah cobain yg di duren tiga nih.. tempatnya enak ya? Kalo yg di cibubur kecil2 tempatnya :)) Iyaaa salmon saladnya enak juga!


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