February 7, 2015

How To Spend Your Day Off

Hello! Today is Friday and I'm writing this blog post while eating cornflakes with fresh milk. My class schedule for this term had came out and I'll have holiday every Friday to Sunday! It is much better compared to last term when I had holiday every Wednesday. Now, I can go home every Thursday evening and spend my weekend at home :)

The best way to spend days at home if you rarely do is basically relax, free yourself from stressful days, and spend your time with loved one especially family. But, what are things to do to spend day off in a productive way?

1. Read a book
Have you ever want to read a novel but never got time for it because of school or work? Now it's the perfect time to actually take time to read it! You can read on comfy bed with a cup of coffee / tea, or by sitting down at the terrace to feel more wind breeze in the afternoon. You can also find e-book on the internet rather than going to bookstore. Reading isn't just for geeks, because it actually improves your knowledge despite whatever type of books you read. You'll have more advantage and can get along when meeting new people because you have wide range of knowledge :)

2. Clear your email inbox or chat
I have these weekly email from Pinterest and Bloglovin contain suggestion of images or articles to read. I used to ignore them because I have no time to read it all but it piles up in my email (I have like almost 100 emails of it) and nowadays I sometimes open those emails while in the middle of a boring class xD I can't delete them because maybe those suggestion is useful for my inspiration so... day off is the best day to clear your emails so your inbox won't look too messy and overwhelming! If your email inbox is empty, you can also use day off to read again chats in LINE / Blackberry Messenger and delete those that isn't important.

3. Sleep
I got not enough sleep during busy weeks at college, doing assignments until midnight aren't a new thing. And sometimes because of much more fast internet speed at kost than at home, I like to watch movies and browse until past midnight. I know this isn't a good habit, losing your precious sleep time to play internet.. So, when I went home I usually sleep and then my mom would ask why do I sleep all the time hahaha.

4. Exercise or take a walk
If you got no time to exercise, day off is the perfect time to start working out! Get moving, just take a walk around the neighborhood or do a little push-up and sit-up at home. A 30 minutes exercise can do really good to your health! It is much cheaper than registering at the gym.

5. Have some 'me' time
Take a time for your body and soul. Have a good long aromatic bath (it is a really nice feeling to smell good, right?). Take care of your skin and hair by going to salon or spa, listen to good music, go to the hippest restaurant or cafe, eat good food, anything that can make you feel happy!

6. Gardening
You don't need lots of space to start gardening, a small container or pot can do! Grow edible fruits or vegetables to reduce your grocery shopping fee, my mom does it and it really works. She loves gardening and I guess it is true when people say plant have feelings just like human, they'll grow better if you truly love and care for them. 

7. Learn something new
Search for free tutorial website to learn new language, learn how to play guitar, how to draw, dance, make origami, how to cook new recipe, anything! It is really fun to learn something completely new. Last year when I had long holiday after high school, I learn to improve my drawing skills almost everyday and here's what I've got..

8. Travelling
It doesn't have to be somewhere far.. Visit a new place near yours is considered travelling too! Go to the nearest city, go there by car or train or ship to experience more scenery. Don't forget to bring some snacks to accompany your journey, just like me who bring these cute sweets that are shaped like fast food, so cute right??

9. Make a new blog post
Yes! Just like what I'm doing right now. Learning to write with better skills by keep writing.. And it is the end of this post, see you on my next post! :D

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