February 10, 2015

Republic Of Burger

The Republic Of Burger serves homemade burger and other Western food such as chicken wings, pasta, fries, bacon and eggs. I ate at Republic of Burger Cipete Raya on the last day they open, we're the only customer at that time and perhaps we're the last one hahaha. They move to a bigger place now at Kemang and there is also outlet branch at Bintaro.

If you are a big eater, RoB is the place! They serve big portion of burger, fries, and two kinds of sauce including spicy and tomato. If you can't eat much, don't worry! There is a solution for you called M-eat The Juniors which is cheaper and the portion is decent :)

Juicy Lucy Monster | IDR 70000
3.5 / 5
Yummy!! The portion is so big including french fries and 2 kinds of sauce. If you aren't a big eater, I guess you can share 1 portion for 2 person.. I love the melted cheese inside the beef patty (yes inside!) but it'll be better if there is more cheese. The patty is tender and of course juicy with soft bun.

Volcano Monster | IDR 69000
3.5 / 5
It is not as spicy as I expected but it is served with 2 kinds of sauce (spicy and tomato). My sister asked for mayonnaise and they gave us :) Same as Juicy Lucy Monster, Volcano Monster taste good too with a little bit of spiciness.

Overall, the burger is good and well-served, not as wonderful as I expected based on what people said but the service is really good, maybe because it's their last day open? Would love to come again to Kemang and try their pasta!

They provide nice books, feel free to read!

Republic Of Burger
Jl. Cipete Raya, No. 26, Jakarta Selatan (closed)

Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya, No. 150 D4
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 29704981 ext. 284
Open : Everyday 10 a.m - 22 p.m (Friday - Saturday 24 p.m)
Wifi  : Yes

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