May 4, 2015

B'Steak Grill & Pancake | Greenville

I've never had my best steak in my life, none of steaks I've eaten taste really perfect. Steaks from H*lycow or Ab*ba taste so-so in my opinion hehehe. Then a while ago, I stayed at my friend's house in West Jakarta and for dinner we went to B'Steak Grill & Pancake in Green Ville. I can proudly say that it was the best steak I've ever had so far! Hihi like finally >.< Now I'm on my journey to find another better taste steak that beats this one!

The place is located among other restaurants in the street of Green Ville, near Taman Ratu residence. I ate there at night and it was quite crowded. But the waiters still managed to organize customers well. I forgot the name of the menu that we ordered but both of them taste perfect and the price is considered cheap compared to other steak places! Their pasta starts at about IDR 32.500 and chicken steak at IDR 41.500. You should try the steak with mushroom sauce, it is not smelly at all (since I don't really like mushroom smell).

I will definitely come back and try other menu and also their pancakes :3

Fried steak served with buttered bread, vegetables (bean, carrot, corn, tomato), and mayonnaise sauce.

Steak served with mushroom sauce, buttered bread, and vegetables (bean, carrot, corn, tomato).

B'Steak Grill & Pancake
Jl. Green Ville No. 32, Green Ville, West Jakarta
Open: 10 am - 22 am everyday
Phone: (021) 5603968

Wifi: Yes
Parking lot: Yes
Air conditioner: Yes

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