May 2, 2015

Pancious | Grand Indonesia

Hmm every time I walk pass by Pancious I remember sweet warm pancake :3 It's just me and my food imagination everyday lol. Overall, both the place and service at Pancious GI is good, they serve you well even though the place can be so crowded at certain times especially at lunch hour when many office worker come to eat because Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is located around business and office area. 

Chicken & Mushroom Waffle | IDR 50500
3.5 / 5 
We started with salty food first. The waffle is served with salad, topped with sauteed chicken, champignon mushroom with cheese sauce and mozzarella. At first, I was thinking about how the waffle would taste too sweet and weird combined with sauteed chicken but I was wrong. It taste good but if you're not vegetables fan then this isn't a good choice since the salad portion (tomato, lettuce) is quite big :)

We tried pasta too and it taste good but not so special... but worth to try!

Oreo Cheese Crepes Cake
4.5 / 5
It is cake topped with vanilla ice cream (you can choose the flavor such as green tea, chocolate ice cream, etc), chocolate syrup, and crushed oreos. I love it especially since I really love oreo with ice cream. Their pancakes was so good! You can ask the waiter to serve dessert later after you've done eating.

Green Tea Waffle 
4.5 / 5
I love this one! It is waffle served with green tea ice cream on top and biscuit crumble. You can feel the green tea ice cream melts in your mouth and the sweetness of biscuit crumble :9

Grand Indonesia Mall, West Mall, 3A floor
Jl. MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta 

Open: 10 am - 21.30 pm
Phone: (021) 23580936
Wifi : Yes

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