October 2, 2016


1. Kitkat Green Tea Flavor
I bought this back then in 2013 where it was still rare and quite pricey hahaha now Kitkat green tea is easy to be found. I was so excited to buy this because of the green tea flavor and the packaging is really nice! Really represents the product with green color as green tea and red color as the original Kitkat's dominant color. 

Inside the carton is 3 packs of Kitkat with 2 bars as usual like the original chocolate one. Again, the packaging is too cute to be eaten!!! I feel like I'm keeping the packaging without the Kitkat hahahaha.

For the taste, I have to say that I'm quite disappointed. Too sweet for my taste :( I expect the taste to be more 'green tea' and not too much white chocolate. Anyway, the one that I bought had Japanese kanji all over the product which I don't understand so I'm not sure if they really use white chocolate or not. 

2. Pocky Matcha Green Tea Flavor 
Another cute packaging!!! Another variant of Pocky is green tea. It is Pocky biscuit stick wrapped with green tea cream. In my opinion, the green tea flavor and smell aren't that distinct but it still tastes good without being too sweet. By the way, I just discoverd Pocky's website www.pocky.com it is quite cute and neat! I like that they still manage their website. After browsing the website for a while, it increased my urge to buy other Pocky flavors....hul *marketing attempt succeed* 


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