April 15, 2017



Some of you guys might have been familiar with Samyang noodles. The spicy Korean instant noodles is booming throughout the world, especially Asia where I live. It drives a series of challenge videos on Youtube called 'Samyang Challenge'. I watched several of them and it was mind-blowing! Some of them even added hot chili and cayenne pepper to make it even more spicy. Wow.

Now, have you ever heard of Samyang Kuah? While most Samyang noodles are fried, a few week ago I found out about Samyang Kuah which is Samyang noodles.... with soup! Wowowow hearing it makes me imagine how spicy it might be?? I found out about it from my cousin in Singapore (yea, Indo usually gets the news later... pffft) and she brought it to me! Here's how it looks like:

Overall, the cooking instruction is the same with other instant noodles, both Korean or Indonesian. But the taste...... WOW I barely managed to finish it alone. Soooo spicy, in my opinion Samyang kuah is more spicy than the fried Samyang we are familiar with. For spicy food lovers, this is really worth the taste 😁 

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