June 30, 2017



Today's review is about Nanami Ramen. I went here at the 2nd floor of Teras Benhil, a kind of food court building in Bendungan Hilir located near Pasar Benhil. I used to live at Benhil for around 2 years during college and this place is just a couple of meters away from my place. I usually walk there with a friend and often eat here. But please be noted, the parking area in Teras Benhil is really small so be prepared if you go by car. 

Nanami Ramen is a good choice if you're around Benhil area and want to eat halal Japanese fusion food. They have ramen and rice here also with hot and cold ocha. The place is pretty good for lunch and dinner, also to have casual meal with friends. During lunch hour, you'll see many Jakarta office worker having their quick lunch here as Benhil is located near Sudirman office area.

Tori Nambandon
IDR 44,545 | 3.0 / 5
The presentation is good 💓 It is basically rice, topped with sliced crispy fried chicken and tartar sauce along with a few sliced chili and leek. It's like a donburi crispy chicken with tartar sauce. I didn't expect much from this because the restaurant itself named 'Nanami Ramen' so they specialized in ramen. But overall, this is pretty good! The chicken is okay - cripsy and tender enough at the same time - though there is room for improvement for the sauce. 

Shoyu Ramen
IDR 44,545 | 4.0 / 5
I personally love this one that I always ordered when I went here. I read review about Nanami Ramen, one of them said that the noodle texture is like instant noodle and said they didn't like it. But I... actually love it! Hahaha as a big fan of instant noodle (at some point in my life I hope instant noodle is good for human's health so that I can eat it everyday lol), this Shoyu ramen is perfect to my liking. The soup is quite thick, savory, and the sliced chicken is yummy! This ramen makes you feel better especially when you have fever and need hot soup (adding information here.. haha).

Spicy Miso Ramen
IDR 54,545 | 3.5 / 5
My first impression is the color... sooo orange that I thought it was gonna be really spicy. But turned out it wasn't, and the miso taste isn't really dominant which is good for me. The ramen, complemented with half boiled egg, chicken meat, greens, leek and chili, is perfectly seasoned.

The place is not crowded during non-lunch hour and I think it's perfect since I don't like crowded places. I hope they expand the menu choice so customer can have more choices, for example... they only have 1 menu for dessert which is matcha panna cotta with red bean topping. I'd love to go there again to try their Abura Soba and Spicy Yaki Ramen :3

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