July 10, 2017



As some of you may know, I am a big fan of Ootoya as I stated often that it is one of the best authentic Japanese restaurant I've ever tasted. This Ramadhan month, I went to several breakfasting event with friends. 

I just realized that during fasting month, it is really hard to book a restaurant ya?? We tried to book several restaurant (they can be called as well-known with middle to high price) and the result is... they're all full booked. One of the restaurant staff even suggested to book 1 week before! Omg ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And I found other restaurant who accept booking if we transfer down payment and order menu via Whatsapp. This thing is fascinating to me. 

So, as an Ootoya fan myself, I suggest to eat there hoping it can be booked... and yes! We went to Lotte Shopping Avenue that night which is nearest to our office. We sat inside tatami room, a kind of semi-private room and sit 'lesehan' (what is lesehan in English, anyone knows?)

The service is great as usual like Ootoya Lippo Mall Kemang. It was crowded during breakfasting hour at around 6.30 pm but all the waiters / waitresses are paying attention to each guests. They come quite fast every time we asked refill for our ocha. My suggestion when eating at Ootoya is to order it in set package and not a la carte, since they serve it with miso soup, rice, and pickles / vegetables :)

Shiokohji Salmon 
IDR 117,000 | 4.0 / 5
It is grilled salmon, marinated with fermented rice salt as stated in the menu. Served with rice, miso soup, pickles, and small plate of a kind of radish. I just know that they have choices of rice like seaweed rice, salty fish rice, etc. Interesting!

Gyu Sumi Tei
IDR 119,000 | 4.0 / 5
I'd like to give 5 out of 5 stars for this but then I found some parts of the meat is not tender and quite hard to chew. Gyu Sumi Tei is grilled beef with soy sauce, served on a hot stone completed with rice, miso soup, and pickles. The grilled meat is served on top of onion rings to neutralized the meat flavor and to create more rich taste.

Later on, I found out there is Gyu Sumi Jyu which is cheaper than Gyu Sumi Tei.. I wonder if the difference is its only served on a hot stone or not.. Gyu Sumi Jyu is served in a rice box and is cheaper than Gyu Sumi Tei served on hot stone.

IDR 142,000 | 4.0 / 5
My friend ordered this and I thought it was beef meat until the aftertaste hit me like.... omg this is beef tongue! I'm not a big fan of tongue, the thought of eating someone's tongue freaks me out although it is beef tongue. My imagination runs wildly.. I feel like eating someone's tongue with my tongue hahaha weird right?! I know, but still, ordering tongue as a dish is in the last priority of mine. 

Anyway.. This gyutang still taste good when you eat it with the sauce and onion ring. The tongue is surprisingly big and tender (omg the feels when writing this๐Ÿ˜ฅ) that it doesn't feel fishy at all, but still the tongue taste is strong haha. Served with rice, slightly spicy miso soup, pickles, and radish.

IDR 93,000 | 3.5 / 5
It is rice topped with fresh sliced salmon and tuna, nato, few seaweed, half-boiled egg, and green vegetables called 'okra'. Do you know okra? I heard it's good for your health. My mom is into this okra thing lately. She cut it into small slices and put it in water and drinks it everyday, making it like a kind of infused water.

Bakudandon is like sashimi rice bowl, served separately with miso soup, pickles, and radish. I think to eat this dish, you have to mix the rice with the half-boiled egg and nato. If I'm not mistaken, it is served with Chawanmushi, a kind of egg custard dish from Japan. I don't like Chawanmushi since the raw chicken egg taste is quite strong so I didn't try this one.

Lastly, we also ordered dessert! Matcha parfait (IDR 38k) and matcha ice cream (IDR 18k), it taste yummy ๐Ÿ˜€ The matcha parfait is green tea ice cream served with mochi, red beans, and pudding. It's stated in the menu that the matcha ice cream is homemade based with fresh milk and egg. Taste fresh like a real matcha and not too sweet. I didn't take photos tough.. will post it in my next post along with their kids menu that seems legit! 

P.S: All of the menu above are ordered in set menu so the price is higher than a la carte menu. 


Ootoya - Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue
Lantai 3, Jl. Prof Dr Satrio, Karet, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 29889393
Open: Mon - Sun | 10 am - 22 pm

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