September 21, 2017


Hello guys!

Back at it again with Korean food 😁 Today is the famous one among Instagram, OJJU K-Food! For the past months, I've seen quite a lot of chicken drumsticks wrapped with mozzarella cheese that looks so tempting through my Instagram explore. I choose not to visit the restaurant right away because I know the queue is no joke. Everytime I walked pass by the restaurant both in Mall Kota Kasablanka and Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, there were so many people queuing. OJJU is also available at Gandaria City and Kemang Village (Lippo Mall).

One of the famous dish by OJJU K-Food is Korean barbecue ribs rolled with melting mozzarella cheese. I can say that OJJU is the first restaurant that serves this dish in Jakarta, isn't it? Before, we can only drool over this from Korean drama or variety shows.

By the time I arrived at OJJU Grand Indonesia, there was queue already. We were on waiting list and had to wait for like 5 tables before us. We were given a queue number, the good thing is we can check the queue number online! You can check it via your mobile phone browser, the web address for Grand Indonesia (if I'm not mistaken) is this

Best part when eating at Korean restaurant is, they serve you side dishes. I loooove Korean side dish, at OJJU they serve this in very small portion of sweet creamy corns, fresh macaroni salad, spicy Korean cucumber salad calles oi muchim (it tastes kinda like spicy pickles for me), and of course the iconic kimchi. If you like these side dishes, you can order them separately. I'd love to order cream corn and macaroni salad (each IDR 9,000) because it's so yum!

Anyway, here's what we order:

Chicken Drumstick | IDR 139,000
Spiciness level: Mild
3.0 / 5
As they menu stated, this dish is quite plenty for 2 person but enough for 3 person. I went there with 2 friends and we were full with chicken drumstick and shared fried rice :) The waiter wrapped the cheese for the customers and you can choose the spiciness level from mild, spicy, and fiery spicy. It is quite satisfying to see how the cheese melt. However, my honest opinion on this is it's not as delicious as I expected, but still it tastes decent and worth the hype because they're the first one to serve this. The cheese isn't that cheesy, I don't know how to describe it but I expect more 'cheese taste' along with the chicken drumsticks.

Cheesy Korean Fried Rice | IDR 29,000
2.5 / 5
After we eat the chicken drumsticks, the waiter will cook the fried rice right on the spot. I have to say that the service is great, thumbs up for the waiters and waitresses. Imagine all the tiredness they faced serving fried rice and rolling cheese all day. Anyway.. back to the dish. What I was thinking is.. The rice was soggy. Maybe because the stove was on non-stop? And I don't get where the cheese was. It kinda taste sour for me? Did they put kimchi inside? I don't know. 

I definitely will come again to try the other dishes because I really am not satisfied with what I ordered. I will come back and order these menus that I am curious about which is Cheese Fondue with choice of Tteokbokki & Sausage or Chicken Finger & Fish (I see people around me ordered this), also their Dosirak and Kids Meal. Will post it in next post if I come back and try these! 💓

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