September 17, 2017



Today's post is made for you who want to have a little vacation near Jakarta. It is Tea Garden Resort which is located at Subang, Jawa Barat. I've never been here before, so at first I didn't expect anything and just come here with the thoughts of completing my first ever company outing hahaha. As you all may know, Subang is located near Bandung and it is known as a city of pineapple 🍍😀😁 and their beautiful destinations for short getaway from Jakarta. You can see a lot of honey pineapple sellers along the streets in Subang.

The journey to Tea Garden Resort seems so long, we departed at 7 am Saturday morning, faced traffic jam in Jakarta toll for almost one hour and a half, and we arrived at Subang around 11 am. Quite a long way, uh? 

But it all paid off as soon as we arrived, when we were directed to our cottage. The cottage and the surroundings are beautiful! As you can see at the pictures below, the cottage is decorated with mostly glasses instead of walls with a view of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, tea gardens, and lots of trees and plants. This place is indeed perfect for a getaway from the hectic city life as you can see rare scenery and ambiance that you can't find in Jakarta. 

One thing that is unfortunate is the lack of care of the cottage. We found our bedroom in damp condition, probably because of the weather in Subang is quite cold and it was rainy season when we went there. There was also part of the room that is wet because of roof leaks and we found dirty plate on our terrace, maybe the staffs had missed it while cleaning the cottage. It would be much better if they take better care of the cottages..

Therefore, we requested to change cottage and the staffs responded promptly. We changed to better cottage, still damp but there was no wet floors or dirty plates. Here's pictures inside the cottage :) Pretty, right? 

our first bedroom

the staffs, when they went to check the wet floors and stuffs

our second bedroom after we requested to change

bathroom with toilet, bathtub, and sink

the kitchen, we can ask for cooking ware at the front office

our living room!

There was also this beautiful terrace, completed along with hammock so you can have your leisure time on hammocks enjoying beautiful scenery of greens greens and greens :) The terrace leads to this beautiful rooftop, which makes a beautiful picture and is really Instagrammable! 

You can do quite a lot of activities here in Tea Garden Resort using their facilities. One of them is this modern-look swimming pool. The swimming pool is available at 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. You don't have to wear swimsuits in order to use the pool, which I personally like haha there are some hotels or resorts that require customers to wear swimsuit.. After you swim, there is also jacuzzi (hot spa) with lukewarm water for you to relax. Although the jacuzzi isn't as fancy as the swimming pool, it's worth the try!

There is also a cafe here called Tea Garden Terrace Cafe (I didn't take pic). As stated in the facility information, the cafe offers a selection of Indonesia, Japanese, American dishes with coffee and traditional tea as their signature dishes. 

You can also order a kind of room service from the cottage which is massage, such as aromatherapy massage, traditional massage, and reflection massage with price around IDR 150,000 / hour. There is also batik and ceramic class if you want to learn how to make and color batik and ceramics. Please be noted that you must make reservation at least 1 day before :)

Below is the picture I took during sunset at the tennis court (yes, there is tennis court!). You have to book the tennis court at least 1 day before, maybe to prevent overlap booking with other guests. The tennis court is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you can also rent racket, ball, and even ball boy and coach! 

We are supposed to do tea walk and tour to the waterfall, but unfortunately it was raining the other day so the route is a bit slippery and we choose not to do the tea walk. Instead, we spent our night playing board games in the cottage and it was fun! FYI, the price list for teawalk is IDR 35,000 / person and for tea walk + tour to the waterfall is IDR 50,000 / person (reservation at least 1 day before).

Overall, we had a great time at Tea Garden Resort. Good and prompt service, polite and friendly staffs. We also got vouchers for our next visit, so stay tuned!!

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