February 23, 2018



Today's review is about authentic Japanese ramen in Jakarta. Bariuma Ramen located at Citywalk Sudirman is one of my best choice when I'm craving for ramen. The restaurant is usually crowded during weekdays lunch time because it is located at Sudirman area where a lot of office workers are, so better be prepared by coming right at 12 pm! 

The restaurant seating is divided into two where you can choose to eat inside the restaurant or outside at the hallway of the mall. They provide Japanese magazines, comics, and newspapers which is placed at the cashier area for customers to read freely (yay!). One of the main reasons I choose Bariuma Ramen is because they have separate bowls, chopsticks, and other cutlery so it is safe for our Muslim friends. See picture below, red is for pork and black is for chicken. 

IDR 59k | 4.5 / 5
I ordered this pork flavored shoyu soup with grilled chashu. You can choose whether you want your noodles to be firm, original, or soft. The portion is quite big so it is perfect for me who love to eat. Also, the soup is thick and I love it. 

Move on to my second visit here.. forgive me I forgot what I ordered!! As I recall, I ordered similar menu like my first visit but maybe the presentation is changed? I don't know.. Anyway, here are the pictures. The ramen taste as good as ever and the half boiled egg on top is so satisfying. 😍

Fried Gyoza
IDR 39k (5 pcs) / IDR 69k (10 pcs) | 3.0 / 5 
The gyoza doesn't really suit my taste. First, the presentation doesn't look appealing in my opinion, but I saw other reviewers' photo of the gyoza and it looks better than mine! Haha maybe just bad luck in my first visit. While for the taste, it has this strong onion taste which overshadow the meat taste which I don't really like..

Grilled Chasiu
3.0 / 5

When I read reviews of Bariuma Ramen, a lot of people said that it is quite pricey but after I visited, I would say it is worth the price because the ramen portion is big. Cocok dimakan pas tanggal muda abis gajian lol. I would definitely come back for their clay pot rice and other menus that I haven't tried :)

Citywalk Sudirman, 1st Floor
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur, Sudirman, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 29704018

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