February 27, 2018



Today's review is Mother's Cook located at Cilandak Town Square or known as Citos in South Jakarta. I always have a spot for American diner. I just love the colors, decorations, interiors, and the ambiance that make me feel like I'm in an American movie lol 😂. 

Mother's Cook, if only heard from its name, I wouldn't know that it serves American dishes. First, I honestly thought it serves homey Indonesian food - like masakan rumahan mama, something like that hahaha. I heard this place is one of the oldest restaurant in Citos and is famous for its burgers and salads.

When I saw the menu, there were a lot of burger choices so I was quite confused, but here are what I ordered:

Wen's Burger
IDR 74,000 | 4.0 / 5.0
A good value-for-money. The burger is served with salad and potato chips for the sides + lemon tea! The burger consists of lettuce and fried chicken patty topped with cheese. The main point is.. the cheese! Yum, thumbs up for the melted cheese. The portion is incredibly big, I didn't expect that. And the plating is beautiful, especially the salad I love it. Overall, the taste is good but not that mind-blowing really good.. If I had to choose, I'd prefer Burger King and friends. But still, you can't buy the ambiance :)

Hot Cappuccino
4.0 / 5.0

One thing for sure, the portion of the burger is big! So fulfilling, a big juicy burger. I think it is a perfect place to eat burgers and milkshake as if you're in an American classic movie! The place is not so big, but still comfortable enough. I would love to come back and try other menus, especially the caesar salad and I heard their beef bacon is awesome. I saw earlier on Zomato that the restaurant is permanently closed, it is unfortunate but let's hope it will open other branches.

Cilandak Town Square, 1st Floor
Jl. TB. Simatupang, Fatmawati, South Jakarta

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