February 10, 2018



Today's review is UFO cup ramen. I heard this instant noodles is really famous in its home country Japan. It can be easily found at your nearest convenience store like Alfamidi, Alfamart, Family Mart, etc for around IDR 8,000 - 10,000. I bought mine at Alfamidi Cibubur based on my sister's recommendation.. she said the Curry Paste one is delicious. I've tried the original one and it's not as good as other instant cup ramen that I've taste but this curry is definitely worth the try!

First thing first.. I didn't expect to see this after opening the plastic seal packaging :)) I love the design, a helpful and good layout. 

Is this the shape of UFO?? Hahahaha.

So what we gonna do as stated in the instructions are: open the cover lid half way.. and don't forget to take out the seasonings first before we pour boiling water inside. After that.. Do you see the black color parts on top? It's the turbo draining system 😂 What you need to do is tear that part, and voila! you can drain the cooked water now. I really appreciate whoever invented this so we won't ever face any difficulty while trying to get rid of the water :') 

And then, put all the seasonings and mix it well! Inside, there are oils, seasoning powder, spicy curry paste, and some.. I don't what this called.. maybe crunchy.. (?) but we call it 'kriuk' or 'kremesan' in Bahasa hahaha. There are also fake meat (that taste like tofu), dried vegetables (I spotted cabbage and leek) inside. The noodles is ready to be served, they provide mini fork inside - really instant!

Overall, it is good and not too spicy. The curry taste is thick. BUT, if you're an Indonesian and are used to eat local fried instant noodles like the famous Indo***, local is still the best... I will definitely buy this again when I'm craving for fried curry flavored instant ramen. 

(+) The portion is quite big! 
(+) Thumbs up for the packaging and design
(+) Very easy to cook, can be brought when travelling
(+) The curry is very tasty, if you love curry then this is the one!

(-) Price higher than local instant ramen
(-) The after taste isn't good in my opinion
(-) Due to the big portion, kalau makan kebanyakan enek hehehe..

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