March 11, 2018



Last Sunday, I went to a new restaurant who just launched in January this year called Bo-Lan Thai Street Kitchen located at Alam Sutera. The name itself sounds ear-catching, doesn't it? Like I could easily remember it. By the way, Bo-Lan means traditional in Thai. They serve traditional authentic Thai food, you don't need to go far to Thailand to taste their food, right? 😆 The restaurant is indeed easy to be found, not far from exit toll Alam Sutera.

When I first saw the menu, the names quite confused me as a person who don't know any Thai words beside 'Sawadee Kha', 'Khap Kun Ka', and 'Mai Mee Tang Kha'.... lol it took me a while to see the menu thoroughly and finally, here's what I ordered:

Po Pia Gong
IDR 30,000 | 4.5 / 5
As a starter, I ordered a portion of shrimp spring rolls (lumpia udang). It comes as 4 pieces, actually I'm quite shocked because of the portion but it is stated in the menu - I didn't read it carefully. I like the Po Pia Gong, the outer layer is crunchy but the shrimp inside melts in your mouth. Yum!

Tom Yum Seafood
IDR 59,000 | 3.0 / 5
A combination of sour, spicy, and salty! Beside seafood, they have tom yum prawn, beef, and also chicken. There are 2 big shrimps, also clams, mushrooms, and fish fillets served with warm tom yum soup. My personal preference of tom yum is dominant sour taste - I like it more sour and spicy, but they had it quite salty. Our guess is it's because they serve the Tom Yum with mini candles below the pot to keep it warm, so as I take photos of other food, the broth keep decreasing thus became more salty.

Khao Pad Sap Pra Rod 
IDR 38,000 | 5.0 / 5
Pineapple fried rice - this one is my favorite. Fresh but also has its own savory taste. I recommend you to order this if you come. Everything is in the right place.

Poo Nim Tod Kra Thiam
IDR 55,000 | 3.5 / 5
It is soft-shell crab (soka crab) with garlic and pepper. I love it! I heard it is hard to cook this kind of crab, but this one is so good. The seasoning and everything is perfect, especially if you love salty seasoned crab.

Pad Ka Na Naam Man Hoi
IDR 32,000 | 4.0 / 5
Writing the menu name confused me hahaha to put it simple it is sauteed kailan seasoned with oyster sauce. This one is my favorite too. So delicious, sweet and savory, not too salty and well-cooked.

Thai Iced Milk Tea
IDR 18,000 | 5.0 / 5
Love! I always love thai iced tea, not to mention milk tea. A perfect amount of fresh milk & tea.

Bolan Avocado Special &
Bolan Strawberry Special
IDR 22,000 | 3.5 / 5
I think the whipped cream lacks milk and that 'creamy' taste. But it still has that good and refreshing taste :)

Hot Tea (refill)
IDR 9,000 | 5.0 / 5
Since it can be refilled, of course 5 out of 5 stars.. Yay 😂

I forgot to order Mango Sticky Rice, probably will do in my next visit. Overall, I enjoy the visit here. I added this to my list of good food in Alam Sutera. If I didn't received their email, I wouldn't go purposely as far to Alam Sutera and found this gem. By the way, in front of this restaurant, there is one of my all time favorite Padang restaurant Pagi Sore that is going to open! #sekilasinfo hahaha.

See you on my next post!

Bo-Lan Thai Street Kitchen
Ruko Spectra 23C No. 5
Jalan Jalur Sutera Boulevard, Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan
Open: Mon - Sun | 11 am - 10 pm

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